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Are There Alternatives to Vinyl Floor Wax?

There are many reasons business owners, schools, hospitals, restaurants, production facilities and homeowners choose vinyl flooring. Low cost and great looks have increased the popularity and ubiquity of vinyl flooring. Routine waxing used to be the norm for keeping vinyl flooring in shape. But at CoverTec Products, we know there’s another option to traditional vinyl floor wax. We’ve developed substrate solutions which can help maintain the glossy appearance of your vinyl flooring without the need for routine waxing with traditional vinyl floor wax. If you’re ready for easier maintenance and high quality glossy vinyl flooring, we invite you to explore our options at CoverTec Products!

What are alternatives to vinyl floor wax?

Many people believe that traditional waxing is the only method for keeping vinyl flooring glossy. At CoverTec Products, we understand how frustrating and costly traditional vinyl floor wax processes can be. With traditional vinyl floor wax, there are a wide variety of expenses:

  • The product itself
  • Lost production time to floor cleaning
  • Wear & tear on the vinyl through waxing
  • The cost of labor for waxing
  • The waxing equipment rental or purchase
  • The costs of preparing & protecting your flooring

At CoverTec Products, we’ve developed substrate solutions which can reduce or even fully eliminate these and many other costs associated with traditional vinyl floor wax. Our VinylGuard Gloss heavy duty floor sealer can protect your vinyl flooring while maintaining an effortless high gloss vanish! This water based, high gloss floor finisher brings many benefits, including:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High gloss finish
  • Slip resistant
  • UV stable
  • VOC compliant

Our VinylGuard Gloss is primerless, making it a fast solution for your flooring. Best of all, once you apply our VinyGuard Gloss, you won’t have to worry about using traditional floor wax again! This is because VinylGuard Gloss, along with our other coating products, provides lasting coverage. VinylGuard Gloss offers a high sheen similar to what can be achieved with traditional vinyl floor wax, but this product offers lasting shine without the need for routine buffing. This can help keep your flooring in shape for much longer by eliminating unnecessary wear and tear.

Ready to treat your surfaces to the best alternatives to vinyl floor wax? Check out our options at CoverTec Products! We offer VinylGuard Gloss, along with a wide variety of other flooring solutions. We offer products for vinyl, rubber, tile, wood, brick and concrete surfaces. Check out our popular substrate solutions today!

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