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How to Clean Oil Off Concrete Sunrise

How a Petrol Resistant Sealer Can Benefit Your Industrial Business

If you own an industrial business, then you'll want a petrol resistant sealer for all of your floors. There are a handful of reasons as to why, but most importantly, it keeps your workplace and employees safe. Running a business…

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Can Industrial Floor Coatings Reduce My Costs?

Running a business isn't easy and requires a lot of work on a day to day basis. Your profits depend on limiting your costs and finding a way to reduce costs in any area possible. At CoverTec Products we know…

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Do I Need Tile and Grout Sealer to Protect My Floors?

Tile is one of the most common flooring options around, and for good reason. Tile looks good and can last for years. However, protecting your tile flooring with tile and grout sealer can help your floors look even better and…

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Concrete Cleaning Products Sunrise

What are Tips for Cleaning Oil Off of Concrete?

There are many reasons to consider concrete surfaces. This time-tested material is ideal for interior and exterior applications. But the porous nature of concrete leaves it susceptible to oil staining and damage. At CoverTec Products, we offer popular products designed…

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Clean Oil From Concrete Sunrise

Why Invest in Tile and Grout Sealer?

There are many reasons you may have chosen tile surfaces. Tile is common in homes, businesses, hospitals, production facilities and restaurant kitchens as well. Tile is truly everywhere, and it’s been around for centuries. While revamping the look of your…

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