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Can Industrial Floor Coatings Reduce My Costs?

Running a business isn’t easy and requires a lot of work on a day to day basis. Your profits depend on limiting your costs and finding a way to reduce costs in any area possible. At CoverTec Products we know that most businesses don’t account for their flooring or think of it as an area that could be costing them money. The truth is, your flooring can be expensive to maintain and clean. Protecting your flooring begins with finding industrial floor coatings that can help protect your flooring and avoid wear and tear. Our team at CoverTec Products knows that with industrial floor coatings you can protect your floor against routine wear and tear. We believe that businesses shouldn’t have to waste money with routine maintenance when there are products available that can protect your flooring.

What products can protect my industrial flooring?

When you’re looking for industrial flooring products you can count on CoverTec Products to help you find the right coatings to best protect your flooring. We offer many high quality coating products that can help protect your industrial flooring. Depending on the type of flooring in your business, these heavy duty industrial flooring products could help your business:

  • CoverShield U140
  • CoverShield U100
  • CoverShield U270
  • StrongSeal Plus
  • Covershield E900
  • Covershield Primer

These industrial floor products are a few of the flooring options we offer at CoverTec Products. If you have high traffic areas it’s important to protect your flooring to avoid needing to replace your flooring sooner than expected. With industrial floor coating products your flooring will be protected and last longer. Each of our flooring products has a specific use and are available in many different colors and textures. For example, our Covershield E900 is suitable for use in a wide range of flooring including concrete, metal, and wood floors.

As a business owner you may think that routine flooring maintenance is a cost you can’t avoid, but at CoverTec Products we know this isn’t the case. With the right industrial floor coating you won’t have to have your floors maintained as often as you would without. Protect your flooring and cut maintenance costs with the help from CoverTec Products. Call today to learn more about our products and which industrial floor coating might be right for your commercial flooring.

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