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Keep Your Pool Deck Safe with Anti Slip Tile Sealer in Fort Lauderdale

Safety should always be a priority when you own a swimming pool. But while most pool owners take the time to properly maintain the water of their pools, there is another hidden danger that can cause injury—a slippery pool deck. Not only does your pool deck become slippery when wet, it’s also constantly exposed to pool chemicals which can affect its overall look and beauty. Fortunately, the flooring experts at CoverTec Products have developed an anti slip tile sealer in Fort Lauderdale which helps make your pool deck safer and look as good as new.

When you’re going out for a swim in your backyard, the last thing you should have to worry about is falling on your pool deck or patio before ever getting into the water. One of CoverTec’s innovative products is Glaze Guard. It’s a highly durable tile and grout sealer which bonds directly to hard surfaces, including ceramic tile, glazed tile, marble tile and porcelain tile. One of the perks of living in South Florida is enjoying warm weather all year long.

But those same climate conditions can also be a detriment to your building materials—particularly to your outdoor flooring. Heavy heat, humidity and harsh UV rays can cause significant damage to your flooring. Glaze Guard provides higher traction and is highly slip-resistant. But as a grout sealer, it also provides a shiny wax and acrylic finish to restore your tile flooring to a revitalized and new look.

Homeowners will soon discover the benefits go beyond just aesthetic beauty and safety. A restored pool deck and patio can also significantly increase your home’s value. The best part is CoverTec products are extremely affordable. CoverTec’s civil and chemical engineers have more than 50 years of combined coating experience. Like any other industry, advances in technology allowed CoverTec to develop revolutionary products built specifically for South Florida’s unique climate.

With the best selection of sealing and coating products in Fort Lauderdale, CoverTec Products provide your flooring with maximum protection from the unique elements of South Florida’s climate. The company specializes solving your coating and sealing problems with an emphasis on lowering maintenance costs, provide more effective surface cleaning, improve safety and make your floors more oil and chemical resistant. But you don’t have to live to South Florida to experience their benefit. CoverTec products can be purchased from anywhere. Just visit their website or call their team of flooring experts at (754) 223-2465.

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