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Maintain Your Floor’s Shine with Stain Resistant Sealing Products in Sunrise

Nothing makes your home look better than a shiny, spotless floor. It can illuminate your entire house. It may seem almost impossible to keep your vinyl floors looking impeccable. No matter how many times you vacuum or mop, stains always seem to pop up. The best way to maintain that clean, sparkling shine to your floors is to use a stain resistant floor sealer. The best place to find stain resistant sealing products in Fort Lauderdale is CoverTec Products.

One of CoverTec’s most popular stain resistant sealing products in Sunrise, FL is Vinyl Guard, which is a highly durable vinyl floor sealer used to replace original wax and acrylic floor finishes. Vinyl Guard is not only effective at helping to keep floors looking their best, it’s also a huge money saver. It’s a particularly smart investment for companies and businesses which use vinyl flooring for their store showrooms or industrial areas. Vinyl Guard can help you save between 30 to 60 percent in maintenance costs simply by eliminating the need to strip wax, vinyl and terrazzo floor surfaces. Say goodbye to burnishing and spray-buffing. It also lessens time needed for a maintenance staff, so they can concentrate on more important tasks.

Vinyl Guard also helps make your floors safer. Slip and fall accidents are a very common injury. If you’re not careful, you may be liable for a personal injury claims. Each year, companies throughout South Florida have lost significant money from payouts from injured customers or employees. This can result in a loss of profits and skyrocketing insurance premiums. Vinyl Guard penetrates the floor’s surface and creates higher traction. It’s been independently tested and approved by the National Floor Safety Institute.

With more people in South Florida going green, it’s important to develop high quality floor sealing products in Fort Lauderdale which are environmentally safe. Most new commercial and residential real estate now fall under much stricter green building codes. Vinyl Guard is a Green Product and is also an odorless floor sealing product developed in Sunrise. It’s not only a great product to use for your home, Vinyl Guard is also safe to apply in schools, grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants and other facilities.

Keeping your vinyl floors clean and shiny doesn’t have to be a challenge. Vinyl Guard is a high quality floor sealing product in Fort Lauderdale which provides home and business owners with a great solution to keep their surfaces sparkling clean. For the best vinyl floor sealers in Sunrise, visit CoverTec Products.

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