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Who Makes Concrete Floor Cleaning Easy?

Many people choose concrete flooring for its durability and ease of use. But, concrete is not immune to problems. Oil exposure, mold exposure and other contaminants can ruin your concrete flooring. At CoverTec Products, we’re here to help maintain your concrete flooring with the best concrete floor cleaning products. We use heavy duty non hazardous microbial cleaners to help remove many contaminants, including petroleum based oils. If you’re ready to remove oil from cement and concrete, it’s time to check out our products.

Why choose microbial products for my concrete floor cleaning?

Concrete flooring is porous, and getting into the pores of your concrete can prove challenging without the right approach. Instead of scrubbing nonstop, let our non hazardous microbial cleaners do the work! We offer the best products for your concrete floor cleaning, including our CoverClean HC. Our microbial cleaner works to remove a variety of petroleum based oils. There are many quality features of our CoverClean HC, including:

  • Non hazardous
  • Leaves no residue
  • No VOC’s
  • Cleans without polluting
  • Fast acting
  • Pore cleaning
  • Meets USDA requirements
  • Eliminates heavy oil contaminants
  • Digests oil & grease
  • Cleans all surfaces

When you’re ready to remove oil from cement and concrete, it starts by browsing our concrete floor cleaning products. Our USA made products use microbial solutions to digest oil and petroleum based hydrocarbons.

Which surfaces CoverClean HC clean?

When you’re looking to get oil off concrete, there can be a variety of surfaces you’re looking to address. Our concrete cleaning products are effective for more than just flooring. These products are also ideal for:

  • Walls
  • Countertops
  • Petroleum tanks & pits
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • & More

Any concrete or cement surface needing professional quality microbial cleaning can benefit from our CoverClean HC solutions. We make it easy to remove oil from cement and concrete with our microbial products that digest oil and concrete, making cleanup easy and effective. No matter how stained or soiled your concrete surfaces may be, our cleaning products are ready for the challenge.

How can I buy the best concrete floor cleaning products?

Getting your own bottle of CoverClean HC for your concrete surfaces is easier than you’d think! Just visit our CoverTec Products website to start shopping for your concrete and cement microbial cleaning solutions. You can also check out our sealing and coating products which work on a wide variety of surfaces. Click here to start shopping!

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