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Protect Your Floors with Top of the Line Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial floors come in all shapes and sizes, yet almost all are concrete and cement. But many people don’t realize that there is a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing industrial floor coatings. The different textures and styles can give an industrial building and business a new feel. At CoverTec, we pride ourselves on offering top of the line products that are easy to apply, environmentally friendly, and USDA approved.

Types of Industrial Floor Coatings to Choose From

Industrial coatings all depend on price range and style. For example, the CoverShield Oil Stop System is a practical option for industrial garages or pathways for large and vessels. These vehicles can often drip oil, leaving a multitude of unwanted stains. While CoverShield offers protection, it also happens to be very cost effective. The CoverGrip System is another cost-efficient option, as it is non-decorative. Then again, many industrial floors are quite simple, leaving this choice as a popular favorite.

For industrial buildings that may find their floors become continually ruined through chips and scratches, the CoverQuartz System is an ultra-durable coating that handles resistance and impact with no problem. A decorative option, the colored quartz crystals give it its stylish edge. For those looking for durability and safeguarding, the CoverShield System offers a high-gloss finish that provides a smooth and undisturbed appearance.

At CoverTec, we sell industrial floor coatings that will give ultimate protection. We know that it’s not easy to keep industrial areas clean or damage free, but with top of the line products with easy to use applications, we think that you’ll experience your industrial space a bit differently. If you have any questions, we encourage you to call us at 888-580-0693!

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